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Mow in Colbert... before and after

Back yard from Colbert mow before and after

Property in Commerce

Before and after

Property in Commerce top two are before pics, and below is the after....

Chris got a call in early Spring 2012. Guy told him his house was being photographed the next morning for a real estate magazine to be put up for sale. It was an emergency, he needed pine straw delivered and installed all around the house, and the area he wanted the straw put down in was covered in weeds which would have to be pulled. 

He also needed the grass mowed down (it was a mess, first cut of the year) and he needed edging and trimming done as well. To top it off of course, the work had to be completed before dark that day! McAndrew Lawn Care went right to work, and got the whole job completed that day. Above are two of the pictures taken the morning after McAndrew Lawn Care did the job that were used to advertise the house in real estate magazines!

Foreclosed property in Oconee County before McAndrew Lawn Care gets to work...

After completion of removing all weeds and grass from the beds and surrounding areas we laid down pine straw in the beds. The final step of this project will be to add flowers and bushes into the bed areas.

Pictued above is a bank building that was on the market for sale in Commerce. It had been sitting for a while before McAndrew Lawn Care got the work....

Pictured above is us working on the project...

And finally...project completion!

Pressure washing job in Commerce before

McAndrew Lawn Care gets to work...

Halfway done...

After completion of the pressure washing job!